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ValleyCommunityChurch of God was established in the year 1962.  It is an independent fellowship of Christian people affiliated with Church of God Ministries with general offices in Anderson, Indiana.   We are a friendly people and extend a warm welcome to all of those who visit our services.

We have no written creed to which we are bound and therefore enjoy a certain freedom in doctrine.  We do have certain beliefs, however, which we hold in common.

  • We believe in one omnipotent God who is the Creator of all that exists.  He is a God of love who desires fellowship with us.
  • We accept the fact that we have sinned and broken that fellowship.
  • We believe in Jesus as the divine, crucified and risen Son of God who, through His death, has purchased our salvation and restores our broken relationship with God.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit who fills, empowers and equips us for service and for everyday Christian living.
  • We believe in the church as the body of Christ.  Every person who is a Christian through the New Birth is a member of that church.  We have no formal membership book and do not ask people to join the church. Those who have received Christ as Savior, worship regularly with us, and live by Christian standards are considered full members of the church.
  • We observe the ordinances of Baptism, Communion, and Feet Washing.  These do not impart grace but testify to the grace given to us in Salvation.
  • Salvation is by faith in Christ alone.
  • Jesus will return the second time to raise the dead, judge the world, receive His people, and to bring an end to all things.

We cordially invite you to worship with us each Sunday.  You will always find a warm welcome at Valley Community Church of God.

Valley Community Church of God supports Ernie and Lori Nicholas, missionaries to Kenya, Africa with our prayers and finances. 

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Is there a ministry for deaf in your church? Or a signing language interpreter paid or not in your church?


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