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Pastor James Malbone

Pastor James Malbone

                                                              Jesus Is the Answer

It looks like we are in for a long hot summer this year.  In Arizona we get more sunshine than any other state but very little rain.  It’s during this season of the year that we thank God for air-conditioning.   But regardless of the temperature, God is still on the throne, Jesus still lives, and the Holy Spirit still fills and empower our lives.  

This year has also been a year of violence and terrorism.  We have seen evil in a way that we could have never envisioned when we were young.  But we remember that it was also an evil world to which Jesus came.  The Bible tells us that His live was in danger from infancy.   Finally He was put to death by crucifixion.  But the Bible tells us that God turned this evil in to a blessing for all.  His death was followed by resurrection.  It is through the sacrifice of His live that we are saved and receive the promise of eternal life.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 a. m. as we worship our Lord and draw strength from Him for these difficult and violent days in which we live.   He still gives us is love and blessing each day.