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Pastor James Malbone

Pastor James Malbone

                                                        God Is Still on the Throne

Easter is past.  Jesus has risen from the dead and continues alive in our world and in the hearts of those who love Him.  He still saves from sin, still changes lives through faith, and still grants eternal life to all who place their faith in Him.

The evil of this world has been defeated and rendered powerless by the death and resurrection of our Lord.  The stone of fear, doubt and evil have been rolled away from our hearts and the light of the resurrection continue shine in.

No matter how bad our world appears and no matter how strong the devil appears, God is still on the throne.  God is still all powerful, all wise and knowing, and ever present.  His love still is made available to us, and the Holy Spirit still comes to minister to our needs.  

Place your faith in Jesus to day and begin to experience a new kind of live in this world that leads to eternal life in the next.