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Pastor James Malbone

Pastor James Malbone

                                                              We Believe

The Bible calls all of us to experience salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. We are not saved through anything we can do, but by faith in who Jesus is and in what He provide for us on the cross.

        But true faith in Christ involves more than simply and intellectual belief in the historical Jesus. To truly believe in Jesus means the be believe strongly enough that we place our trust in Him for the present and for the future. Our believe is to be strong enough that we follow Him through live and live by His teachings.

The experience of salvation produces a dynamic change in our lives. It changes who we are, how we live, and where we will spend eternity. We are called to die to the old live of sin, selfishness, hopelessness in which we once lived and experience a new birth which produces a new love, new hope, and a new life-style.

Our new life in Christ produces a new strength for living and makes our life here on earth meaningful and fulfilling.